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Children and Child Abuse

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Child Relief and You(CRY) (Please click the link to see what you can do for the children)

Let's help the Children around us.  Let's not forget that there's much to be done and that it is possible to change this situation...together.   But we need to act NOW.  Because every day counts for our children.

As Gabrielle Mistral put it so simply...

Right now is the time his bones are being formed and his senses are being developed... To him we cannot answer 'tomorrow'.  His name is "Today".

And children's stories should have happy endings.

Mahbub ul Haq, in the annual "Human Development Report", on South Asia as a whole...
"If all children are to be put in primary schools in the next five years, this means creating school facilities for 65 million children and training about two million additional teachers, preferably three-fourths of them female. The recurrent cost is modest: only $1 billion a year in the next five years, or a mere one-third of 1 per cent of the combined income of the region. Even if capital expenditure is included, the total additional cost will be less than 1 per cent of the combined GNP of south Asia."

 It is a simple fact that as a grown-up adult it is the parents responsibility to understand the children’s feelings, not the other way around.

We as a developed society are responsible for this deteriorating condition. It is a shame on the society if we allow this to happen. If the parents are not ready to take the responsibility then they have no right to give birth. But it is also possible that these parents may not have the required understanding to feel the responsibility.

Our greatest priority must be to help children and families before harm occurs. And there is a need to provide appropriate preventive services such as voluntary visitation, parenting education and support.

Child Relief and You(CRY) (Please click the link to see what you can do for the children)

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